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Yoga In Your Home: tools and tips for developing a personal practice

Sep 10th, 2010

UntitledSeptember's National Yoga Month is providing myriad opportunities to get out into the yoga world and try some new classes, but why not dedicate yourself to establishing a personal practice as well? You needn't have a studio to sweat on your mat—whether you're using one of our Core, MDWorkout, or YogaWorkout iPhone Apps, or simply improvising yoga sequences, take this opportunity to make a commitment to yourself to practice regularly, whether you have time to make it to the studio or not!


Here are some suggestions to help motivate you to develop your personal practice:


1) Yoga DVD's: Go onto and purchase one of the hundreds of awesome Yoga DVD's on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes—from Yoga for Athletes to Yoga Booty Ballet, there truly is something for everyone. Some local libraries even have quite an extensive supply of DVD's that you can check out for free!

2) YogaWorkout App for iPhone: Released this month, is our very own baby, an extensive App providing you with yoga sequences and flows to take with you on the go! Perfect for travel, outdoor, or living room yoga, this app will give you everything you need to sweat it out and zen it out.

Chart your accomplishments! It sounds simple, but by setting tangible goals and tracking your practice regimen, you will undoubtedly accomplish far more that you otherwise would. Give yourself credit for sticking with your goals. Hang a calendar and mark off what you do from day to day. On Sundays, make a plan for your week and write it in your daily planner. Make your yoga time as much of a priority as your work time—it is after all, for your health, and what's more important than that?