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San Francisco Airport opens first of its kind yoga room

Jan 28th, 2013
staff writer

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons || San Francisco Airport LogoOver the weekend, officials from San Francisco International Airport announced the grand opening of a Yoga Room in Terminal 2. The first of its kind, the room is located between the security checkpoint and the Recompose area, according to a release by the Airport.

“When we began to remodel Terminal 2, one of our goals was not just to bring the glamour back to air travel, but to also make the entire experience less stressful and more enjoyable,” Airport Director John L. Martin said. “With the opening of the Yoga Room, SFO has taken another giant leap forward in providing our travelers the opportunity and space to relax and decompress on their own terms.”

For ease in locating the Yoga Room, all directional signs in the airport use a black and white pictogram of an individual in lotus position. The room design was directed by Melissa Mizell of Gensler Design. It features a floating wall for “a buoyant spirit and enlightened mind,” large felt rocks reminiscent of a Japanese Zen garden, dim lighting and a blue color scheme.

“Throughout the terminal, Gensler’s design aims to elevate the passenger experience,” Mizell said. “The Yoga Room gives modern travelers a space that fosters and supports quiet and reflection. Those aren’t emotions that people typically encounter at the airport.”