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Baba Ramdev: Indian Yoga Guru

Oct 5th, 2012
Staff Writer
Baba Ramdev has recently got political.

As often as fame is followed by fortune, it is also followed by politics. Publicity has a habit of exposing the political side of those widely publicized, and as India’s yoga guru and television star Baba Ramdev gains in popularity, he now poses political messages to the people.

After studying yoga and Indian scripture at several gurukuls in his home country of India, Swami Ramdev earned a position on India’s Zee TV channel. He boosted ratings to become the most watched program in a country of a billion people, drawing 26 million viewers a day, according to On his program, Ramdev shared his seven yogic breathing techniques to his audience, which he believes to be the beginning of a balanced life and yoga practice. Each technique trains the breath to improve in strength, as well as assist relaxation and focus during meditation.

Baba Ramdev takes after Ghandi as a strong opponent to globalization, promoting India as a self-sufficient nation: “India has everything we need. We don’t need foreign support,” he said in an interview. What has drawn the most recent and substantial attention towards to the yogic Ramdev are his political statements aimed at “black money” (money held in offshore accounts and left unaccounted for taxation) and political deception.

“I am firm on the issue of blackmoney and corruption, and we will defeat those who oppose us on these matters in elections,” Ramdev explained in a recent statement. Ramdev also reacted to questions regarding his opposition forming new parties for the upcoming elections in 2014: "Anyone can form a political party in a minute. The crux of the matter is how many supporters you get.”