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Yoga helps soreness float away

Jul 11th, 2012
Zoƫ Sophos

Sunny day at the beach || Photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsThere’s nothing quite like splashing around in a lake or the ocean when summertime’s heat hits its peak. But because all that swimming, rowing, boating and kayaking usually isn’t done year-round, outdoor adventurists can end up with aches and pains after a day on the water using new muscles. Specific yoga exercises can, according to Yoga Journal, help to build core strength and relieve pains from water sports.

As stated on the journal’s website, water sports often require lots of upper-body movement and can cause the shoulders, upper back and neck to feel stiff. Also, sitting in a boat or kayak for hours can lead to tight hips, and simply using different muscles to do new summertime activities can cause soreness.

Yoga Journal encourages poses such as plank, bridge and right angle pose to increase circulation to the tissues surrounding the tired areas. This should loosen and strengthen the key muscles, helping the whole body feel more pliable. These yoga poses also work to build core strength, giving the body a powerful foundation for all water activities.