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Take your yoga on a hike

Jul 18th, 2012
Staff Writer
Hiking trail in cuyamaca, ca || photo credit: tera thomas

When human ancestors straightened their postures and took to two legs, they not only invented a novel form of transportation but also a new form of medicine. According to the National Institute of Health, walking lowers the risk of health issues including high blood pressure and heart disease. Take a walk off the pavement and it becomes a hike, but conquering uneven terrain is no walk in the park. By incorporating another ancient practice of stretching, the physical toll of hiking can be alleviated: enter hiking yoga.

In 2009, Hiking Yoga was launched by company-founder Eric Kipp. Over the last decade, Kipp practiced yoga, traveled extensively and explored countless hiking trails; the blending of hiking and yoga was seemingly inevitable. Originating in San Francisco, the company has since spread across the country with fourteen locations from San Diego to New York, according to their website

Hikes are typically scheduled on weekends and meet at parks or trails at around 9am. Sign-up through the website is required prior to the hike; $20 covers 90 minutes of hiking and yoga with one of several trained instructors. The hike is interrupted at several locations for on (or off) trail instruction on provided mats. For anyone seeking a weekend morning out of the home and into the open air, this innovative practice is perfect. To harmonize both mind and body, one must simply blend two of history’s most ancient and healthful traditions.