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It's Summer... Stay Hydrated

Jul 22nd, 2010
Yoga Workout

UntitledAs the summer months set in, it's more vital than ever to stay hydrated. During your yoga workout and throughout your day, be sure to drink lots of water to keep things flowing, so to speak. 

Plain ol' water not your thing? No worries! Here are a few tricks from your friends at to help you up your water intake, but keep your taste buds satisfied…

Everyone knows that soda and juice contain a lot of calories and sugar, but that doesn't mean you can't have a party in your mouth every time you take a swig from your reusable water bottle! Try squeezing some fresh lemon into your water for a refreshing treat. Or how about mint leaves? Yum! Cucumber slices also give a nice, crisp flavor to your water, and will have you coming back for more. The best part is, these options are natural and delicious, so you're giving your body what it needs, without feeding into its vices.

Not ready to cut out soft drinks all together? Try watering down some Gatorade or other sports drink with 2 parts water. Try Crystal Light in your water to liven it up, or even Emergen-C to give yourself a vitamin-packed boost! Bottom line: be creative and good to yourself. Drink up, and sweat it out!