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Stop Sliding

Jun 17th, 2010
Yoga Workout

Love your yoga workout, but hate slipping and sliding all over your sweaty mat? Well, pick up this little gem, sure to be on the top of your list for yoga essentials… Yogi Toes!

Yogi Toes make a super absorbent towel with tiny nubs that stick to your mat. The material activates when it gets wet (hello, sweat!), and provides a skid-free way to practice your yoga flow. Best of all, at the end of your practice, you can just toss it in the washing machine, and you'll be good to go for next time.

Yogi Toes are also perfect to bring to the studio when you want to use one of their mats. Who wants to put their face down on a mat that another stranger has been practicing on? Yuck! Yogi Toes protects you from icky germs and contamination by providing a super cushy layer between you and the mat.

Visit to see all the cool colors and order one for yourself. Oh! And here's a little insider tip: we yogis at own several of them in different colors, and have found that some colors are better than others… The light colors (white, yellow, etc.) can get dirty after a while, and the dark colors (black, navy, etc.) tend to stain light colored mats, so we have found that the medium colors (like brown, purple, blue, and green) are the best way to go. Choose the hand sized ones to keep your hands from slipping in Downward Facing Dog, or go for the full mat-sized ones to keep everything in place.